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Top 3 Best Gaming Headphones Under 4000 in India

Hello guy’s let welcome my blog Techbyrr today, we will discuss the top best pro-level gaming headphones under 4000. which suits your pocket and we wish you to find the best headphone in this article

Let’s discuss how this headphone managed to come under the top 5 ranking and what type of qualities, and functions they have that made them in the top 5 best gaming headphones under 4000.

If you are reading this blog now means you are the best in your game and looking for the best pro-level headphone to enhance your gaming experience without any disturbance.

Today the world is changing fastest and with this changing world headphone companies are also improving

The audio qualities with clear and noisy free headphones and more than1000 companies are in the market for competition, as a result, buyers are getting more difficult to find the best pro-gaming headphone

to solve this problem in choosing the best headphone under 4000 we are here with you because i am also a user of this product in my gaming so guys let’s go to [ ].

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Best gaming headphones under 4000

1. HyperX Cloud Stinger Core

HyperX Cloud Stinger Core

HyperX Cloud stinger gaming headphones are available in black. this headset provides all the features that gamers need for their headset. These headphones are fabulous for gamers.

These headphones are very stylish. The logo provided in the ear cup with red color is fabulous when shining in light Ear Cups can rotate 90 degrees and adjust around your neck for comfort.

Ear cups are made of foam cushioning, not fabric. This provides comfort for your ears and is adjustable in all types of eyes.

It has provided with 40mm driver with a frequency of 18HZ-20000HZ with this feature you are able to hear the gunshot and background music clearly.

This headphone is light in weight 0f 215g with a soft comfortable breathable ear cushion. HyperX can be used in both PCs and PS4s. The cable length is 1.3m long and 3.5 mm of jack.


Dimensions18.08 x 8.2 x 17.7 cm
Connector typeWired
Microphone form factorIn-line
Headphones form factorNoise-canceling microphone type
Control typeMedia control
Audio typeStereo
Driver40mm diameter
Audio controlIn-line
Noise canceling microphone typeRotary
Connection type3.5mm (4 poles)

Key Features

  • Immersive in-game audio
  • Convenient in-line audio controls
  • Adjustable noise-canceling microphone


  • Very lightweight
  • Durable and adjustable steel sliders
  • Multi-platform compatibility


  • No memory foam ear cushions
  • ear cups can not be rotated

Reason to buy Hyper X Cloud Stinger Core:

1. Extremely comfortable for long gaming sessions due to the breathable mesh ear cups,

2. lightweight body of 215g

3. Provide Gaming-grade audio due to the 40 mm dynamic neodymium drivers

4. Electric condenser microphone for clear voice communication

5. Comes with a single 3.5 mm jack, so can be used on laptops, mobile

2. JBL quantum 200

JBL quantum 200

The Quantum 200 is one of the best budget gaming headphones. It is a decent-loo King headset. Just like other headphones in this segment, the Quantum 200’s body is entirely made up of plastic.

However, in Quantum 200 there is no use of steel slide anywhere in the neckband. That’s why the Quantum 200 is one of the most lightweight headphones on this list.

The build quality of ear caps is good with a company symbol giving a good look to the headphone. It blocks out unwanted environmental noises.

The over-the-ear design prevents your mic from picking up the voices you hear which prevents the echoing of the sound.

The Quantum 200 is definitely one of the most comfortable headphones with extra thick padding around the ear cups.

The neckband is adjustable and padded well. which gives you the perfect fit without compromising on comfort. Even if you have been using the headphones for hours continuously, you should have no trouble.

JBL provided the Quantum 200 with a simple attractive appearance. like other gaming headphones, the Quantum does not feature RGB lighting, or highlighted logo, or even dual-tone colors. which means headphones can be used for multi-purposes as well and not only

The audio quality of the headphone is adequately loud, with 50mm drivers. Like other JBL headphones, the Quantum 200 performance is good in the lows budget but struggles a bit in the mid and highs.

The headphones produce a good amount of bass which would surely enhance your gaming experience.

When playing FPS games, quantum 200 headphones would surely help you to figure out the enemy’s location, and hearing their footsteps would not be a difficult task.

so with this features, it will be the best if you are looking in range budget of your pocket.


Dimensions18.08 x 8.2 x 17.7 cm
Connector typeWired
Microphone form factorIn-line
Headphones form factorNoise-canceling microphone type
Control typeMedia control
Audio typeStereo
Driver50mm diameter
Audio controlIn-line
Noise canceling microphone typeRotary
Connection type3.5mm

key features

  • compatible with all gaming platforms
  • crystal clear communication with games
  • lightweight durable neckband


  • look stylish and build quality is decent
  • Light in weight and comfortable in uses
  • Clear, balanced, and loud audio


  • The quality of the bass is not good
  • surround sound is average in highs
  • ear cups cannot rotate

Reason to Buy JBL Quantum 300

1. it looks comfortable for long gaming sessions because of its ear cups,

2. lightweight body of 245g

3. Provide Gaming-grade audio due to the 50 mm dynamic drivers

4. Clear voice communication in mediums

5. Comes with a single 3.5 mm jack, so can be used on laptops, mobile, Xbox, Nintendo, PC

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3. Lenovo Legion H300

 Lenovo Legion H300

The Lenovo Legion H300 is a headphone for long gaming sessions because it has been designed for the same purpose.

The H300 series was first introduced by Lenovo in 2019 and after 2 years of long time, it is still one of the best budget gaming headphones under 4000.

The Lenovo H300 seems to be the best gaming headphone under 4000 by its feature but it does not look like a gaming headphone from its outer design because it is not provided with flashy RGB lights and funky color tones. Rather, the also Lenovo H300 still looks quite decent.

The Legion H300 is made of an all-plastic build which is why the headphone is lightweight at only 320 grams. The only part of the headphones that use metal is the neckband.

The ear cups are quite large with soft pads which result in comfort and adjustable .this feature help to keep the headphone for extended periods of time.

The Lenovo H300 audio quality is not definitely the best in this product range. However, the headphone is sufficiently loud with 50mm drivers. Although the headphone H300 struggles a bit during the lows and highs, it does a great job when it comes to mids.

which creates a little bit of muffed The bass balance is also not done well because of this you should not have a lot of complaints about the headphones when you are playing your favorite games on laptop.

Talking about noise insulation, the ear cups do a decent job and they don’t let a lot of external noise make its way through.

One feature that distinguishes the H300 from other headphones is the presence of a Y-splitter cable that allows you to connect the headphones to your PC using individual ports for both audio and microphone.


Dimensions21.01 x 9.19 x 18.21 cm
Weight320.35 gm
Connector typeWired
Hardware interfaceUSB
MaterialFaux leather, metal
Control typeVolume control
Headphones jack3.5 mm
Microphone form factorIn-line

Key Features

  • less distortion
  • Fully retractable noise-canceling microphone
  • retractable noise-canceling microphone
  • unique suspension neckband


  • Self-adjust headband
  • Rotatable PU leather earcups
  • Decent sound quality and is best in mid sound
  • ease volume control


  • heavier in weight
  • audio quality is not good in high and low
  • no RGB light

Reason to Buy Lenovo Legion :

1 due to its build quality and comfortable ear cups

2 best audio quality in mid-volume

3 noise cancellation from the environment like fan, cooler, tv

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