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The 4 Best QK80 Keyboards: For Gaming And Typing

Are you tired of using a below-average keyboard that impedes your performance?

So in this post. we bring you a listing of 5 ideal QK80 keyboards that will take your typing experience to a brand-new degree.

This keyboard provides you with a smooth and enjoyable keying experience with ergonomic design, responsive keys, and modern-day functions.

Whether you are a specialist writer, a designer, or an easygoing individual, these

QK80 keyboards are assured to boost your efficiency and comfort.

What is QK80 keyboard?

The QK80 keyboard is built to deliver an excellent typing and gaming experience. This is a high end mechanical keyboard.

It blends cutting edge technology, ergonomic design and configurable features to meet the needs of both professionals and hobbyists.

Thanks to its stylish and sturdy design, the QK80 keyboard has gained popularity among consumers searching for a reliable and high-performance keyboard.

How to Choose the Right QK80 Keyboard

Consider the following methods to select the QK80 keyboard that best suits your requirements:

Assess Your Needs and Preferences

Consider your preferred switch type, ideal keyboard size, and any other specific features you value.

Read user reviews and customer comments

Do some research and read user reviews of the QK80 keyboards from reliable sources. This will give important information about the effectiveness, resilience, and overall user experience.

Think about your budget

Set a price range and evaluate the characteristics that various QK80 keyboard models have to offer. Choose the characteristics that are most important to you and strike a balance between pricing and performance.

These methods will help you confidently select the ideal QK80 keyboard for your requirements and tastes.

Benefits of Using a QK80 Keyboard

Improved Typing Experience

The mechanical switches of the QK80 keyboard provide satisfying tactile feedback that increases the typing experience. Reduced typing mistakes and higher typing speed are the results of the exact key actuation and responsiveness.

The QK80 keyboard may greatly increase your overall typing efficiency, whether you are producing a document, coding, or just talking with pals. the keyboard can significantly improve your overall typing efficiency.

Enhanced Productivity

The QK80 keyboard gives users the ability to organize their workflow and complete jobs more quickly with its programmable keys and configurable macros.

You can save time and effort by reserving a single keystroke for repetitive or complicated instructions. For professionals who often use shortcuts in programs like Photoshop, Excel, or programming IDEs, this functionality is very useful.

Durability and Longevity

QK80 keyboards are designed to resist hard use without sacrificing performance. They are handmade from durable materials and include mechanical switches that can withstand millions of keystrokes. Because they are durable, you will get exceptional value for your money.

Customization Options

The QK80 keyboard’s RGB illumination and programmable keys provide a variety of customization options. You can alter the keyboard’s appearance by selecting from a range of colors and lighting effects. Furthermore, the keyboard can be change to meet your specific needs whether you’re a gamer, content creator, or office worker.

4 Best QK80 Keyboards: For Gaming And Typing

1. Logitech G915 TKL

Logitech G915 TKL QK80 Keyboards
Logitech G915 TKL

A gaming keyboard designed by Logitech is the G915 TKL. It is a keyless, portable (TKL) variation of the popular Logitech G915 keyboard.

The keyboard has a stylish look, wireless capability, and cutting-edge features geared toward gaming.

The low-profile mechanical switches of the Logitech G915 TKL are one of its features. The switches preserve the compact form factor while providing a haptic typing experience.

To accommodate diverse preferences for clicky, tactile, or smooth keystrokes, they are offered in three variations: GL Clicky, GL Tactile, and GL Linear.

The keyboard offers wireless connectivity options, including both Bluetooth and Logitech’s Lightspeed wireless technology.

The Logitech G915 TKL has impressive battery life, delivering up to 40 hours of use on a single charge with RGB lighting enabled, and even longer without the lighting on.

The keyboard comes with a USB Type-C cable for charging and can be used while charging.


  • Wireless connectivity for convenient and clutter-free gaming experience.
  • Sleek and compact design, perfect for limited desk space.
  • Low-profile mechanical switches for fast and precise typing.
  • RGB lighting customization to match your gaming setup aesthetic.
  • Long-lasting battery life for uninterrupted gaming sessions.


  • Key wobble on some keys.

2. Keycron K3 Version 2

Keycron K3 Version 2 QK80 Keyboards
Keycron K3 Version 2

The Keycron K3 Version 2 features a compact 75% layout with 84 keys,
Which means it’s smaller than a traditional full-size keyboard. and provides comfortable typing experience.

The K3 keyboard is one of the thinnest and lightest mechanical keyboards in the world thanks to its ultra-slim design.

A variety of connection options are available with the Keychron K3 Version 2 Keyboard, including wireless mode, Bluetooth 5.1, and USB-C wired mode.

It can easily connect to up to three devices at once including your laptop, PC, tablet and phone, and switch between them with ease. A great computer keyboard for casual use and use at home, work and outdoors

The K3 Edition is available with 2 different mechanical switch options, including Gateron, LK Optical, or Keycron’s own low-profile switches.

K3 version 2 gives long battery life It has 1550mAh rechargeable battery. which with RGB backlighting, it can last up to 34 hours, and gives your mechanical keyboard a life of up to 70 million keystrokes.

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  • Compact design for easy portability and desk space savings.
  • Versatile wireless connectivity options for seamless compatibility.
  • Customizable RGB lighting for personalized aesthetic and ambiance.
  • Responsive and tactile key switches for comfortable and efficient typing.
  • Durable construction for long-lasting performance and reliability.


  • Limited availability of keycap sets for customization.

3. Womier K87 Custom Keyboard

Womier K87 Custom Keyboard
Womier K87 Custom Keyboard

The Womier K87 is a compact keyboard, meaning it’s smaller than a standard full-size keyboard. And another one of its features is its hot-swappable switch socket.

So that you can easily change the switch without soldering. And Womier K87 is compatible with various mechanical switch options, such as Cherry MX, Gateron, and Kailh switches.

The keyboard has a solid build quality with an aluminum alloy case, providing stability and durability during extended use.

Womier mechanical gaming keyboard compatible with Windows 10/8/7/ Vista/XP, and Limited Mac OS. Also compatible with PS5/PS4, Works well with Desktops, Chrome-book, PC, Laptop, Computer, and more.

The keyboard features customizable RGB backlighting, so you can personalize the lighting effects and colors to your liking.

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  • Customizable RGB lighting for personalized aesthetics and mood lighting.
  • Compact design saves desk space while maintaining full functionality.
  • Hot-swappable switches for easy customization and quick switch replacement.
  • Smooth and responsive typing experience for increased productivity and comfort.
  • Durable build quality ensures long-lasting performance and reliability.


  • Lack of dedicated media keys



The Corsair K70 RGB TKL CHAMPION SERIES keyboard is a high-performance mechanical keyboard designed for competitive gaming.

K70 TKL Champion Series keyboard used high quality mechanical switches such as Cherry MX switches. These switches provide a tactile and responsive typing experience while ensuring accurate keystrokes during intense gaming sessions.

The K70 TKL Champion Series keyboard is built with durability in mind. An aluminum frame has been used in it which gives more strength to the keyboard.

The keyboard has onboard memory, which allows you to save and store your customized lighting profiles and macros directly on the keyboard.

The K70 TKL Champion Series keyboard has a USB pass-through port, allowing you to connect additional USB devices directly through the keyboard.


  • Compact design for improved desk space and portability.
  • Advanced RGB lighting customization for a visually stunning experience.
  • High-performance mechanical switches for precise and responsive typing.
  • Durable construction built to withstand intense gaming sessions.
  • Dedicated media keys for convenient control over multimedia functions.


  • Non-removable wrist rest

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