5 Best Electric Toothbrush Under 500 in India 2024

In the world of oral care, discovering an electric toothbrush that hits the ideal mix between quality and price is a game changer.

If you are also looking for an affordable and effective electric toothbrush to improve your teeth cleaning? If yes, then you are at the right place.

In this article we will discuss the best electric toothbrush under Rs 500 in India in 2024.

Best Electric Toothbrush Under 500

Oral B CrossAction electric toothbrush
Oral B CrossAction


  • Soft, rounded bristles provide a comfortable brushing sensation.
  • Ergonomically built to provide a comfortable grip
  • Impressive two-month battery life.


  • Generates significant noise and vibrations during use

Let’s look at the Oral-B CrossAction Electric Toothbrush, a low-cost dental treasure.
First and foremost, this brush is backed by Oral-B, the world’s most popular dentist-recommended brand, so you know you’re in capable hands.
The CrossAction toothbrush has a revolving powerhead that resembles a miniature dental wizard. It removes plaque from all those hard-to-reach spots, including the gumline and back teeth.
The powered crisscross bristles are the true heroes. They slip between teeth and remove plaque like seasoned professionals.
The Soft Grip Handle is now an ideal combination of comfort and control. The rubbery grip is like holding a cloud in your hand while brushing.
A brief note: this brush is not for children; it is intended for grown-up grins.

BeatXP Buzz electric toothbrush
 BeatXP Buzz


  • Outstanding battery life for prolonged usage
  • Adaptable with three brushing modes to accommodate personal tastes
  • has a useful Quadpacer option for accurate brushing.


  • Build quality may leave room for improvement

Let’s talk about the beatXP Buzz electric toothbrush, a budget-friendly oral care solution.

First and foremost, this brush is not a basic cleaning.

It delivers 19,000 strokes per minute and uses sophisticated technology to offer your teeth a comprehensive spa day.

The delicate, circular bristles are unsung champions.

They act as small warriors for your gums, ensuring their health and preventing plaque buildup.

In just two weeks, you’ll notice a difference: cleaner teeth and healthier gums.

Battery anxiety? Not here. With a 3-hour charge, it can last up to 30 days.

No more worrying about a dead toothbrush. Now for the standout feature: brush modes.

Polish for a high-frequency miracle, White for a strong scrape, and Clean for a delicate touch.

You can adjust the brushing experience to fit your emotional state. The Quadbeat Timer is the game-changer, by the way.

Make sure you adhere to the suggested 2-minute brushing time with the help of your own brushing coach.

It prompts you to move areas every 30 seconds so that no spot is left unattended.

Best part? Everything for less than 500 rupees. You may receive excellent dental care without breaking the bank.

Hammer Flow 2.0 electric toothbrush


  • provides a brushing experience that is personalized to meet your preferences.
  • need AAA batteries to function and has an amazing longevity of up to 120 days.
  • Easy head replacement procedure for greater comfort.


  • Lacks strength and might not provide a thorough cleaning

Let’s now discuss the Hammer Flow 2.0 sonic electric toothbrush, an inexpensive dental powerhouse that will improve your brushing habits without breaking the bank.

First of all, with only one button to convert between settings, it’s quite simple to operate.

Not complicated at all, just some basic brushing.

The greatest part is about to begin, so get ready: a massive 60+ days of battery life.

It’s similar to having a permanent personal dental assistant.

Anxiety about recharging is gone.

In relation to timing, it has an integrated 2-minute timer, which is precisely how long your dentist advises for a complete brushing.

It’s similar to having your dentist at your side without the pushing and prodding.

And what do you know? An added bonus is a bristle cap to protect and prolong the life of your brush heads.

Let’s now discuss customisation.

There are two brushing modes available: Daily Clean for everyday upkeep and Whitening for added radiance.

You may get a durable, intelligent toothbrush without going over budget.

Caresmith Spark One electric toothbrush


  • makes use of sonic bristles to effectively clean
  • Outstanding battery life, with a single battery lasting up to 90 days
  • has a lightweight, elegant form that makes handling it simple.


  • requires constant button tapping to function, which some users may find annoying

Let’s talk about the Caresmith Spark One, an affordable electric toothbrush that will revolutionize your dental hygiene regimen.

First of all, this little champion is propelled by an exceptional sonic motor that can produce 30,000 microbrushes per minute, making it akin to a dental ninja.

It functions essentially as a stain and bacteria-busting device.

It will easily remove those tenacious food bits and stains.

What about the bristles now? They resemble little teeth-huggers.

They are made by DuPont and fit the contours of your teeth like a glove, making cleaning comfortable.

This is the end of painful and awkward brushing.

What changes the game, though, is how light and thin it is.

What changes the game, though, is how light and thin it is.

This toothbrush is very easy to grip and use, even if you have small children or trouble with dexterity.

Put an end to fumbling with heavy brushes.

The finest aspect? It everything costs less than 500 rupees.

You may receive excellent dental care without breaking the bank.


  • Remarkably comfortable to use
  • Soft bristles guarantee delicate and efficient cleaning, especially in hard-to-reach places.
  • provides six different operating modes for customized brushing experiences.


  • Average battery life may mean more frequent recharging.

Let’s speak about the Balloon Sonic, an electric toothbrush that is inexpensive—it costs less than 500 rupees and is like a little powerhouse for your dental health.

With its incredibly strong motor, this small beast can produce 30,000 vibrations each minute.

It works like a dental dance party in your mouth, successfully chasing away the bad guys.

It has six functioning modes, not just one or two, which is where things get intriguing.

When it comes to whitening, washing, care, pulsing, and polishing, you could have a different experience.

It’s similar like spending a day at the dentist parlor at home.

Concerned about when to brush? Avoid becoming.

With its intelligent timer, the Balloon Sonic encourages you to brush for a full two minutes—exactly what dentists recommend for a proper cleaning.

Additionally, the QuadTech function allows for accurate brushing by splitting the two minutes into 30-second increments.

Four DuPont brush heads of the highest caliber, each lasting three to four months, are included in the bundle.

That alone is more than a year’s worth of supplies.

And what do you know? You may brush it off without concern because it is IP67 waterproof.

Your dental health is in excellent hands with the Balloon Sonic, and it won’t break the budget.

The Final Word

Here are the best electric toothbrush alternatives that cost less than 500 rupees.

These under-500 electric toothbrushes provide all the features you need—power, intelligent functions, and a pleasurable brushing experience—without breaking the bank.

The Oral B CrossAction is the best option when it comes to selecting an electric toothbrush.

Choose wisely and treat your teeth to the splendour of an exceptional clean, courtesy to these amazing electric toothbrushes, all priced around 500 rupees.

Both your smile and your pocketbook will appreciate it.

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